Top 6 Reasons Why Passages Has the Best Outpatient Rehab Programs (Vs. 12-Step)

Passages is a non-12-step program for drug and alcohol rehabilitation, but what does that mean? Well, as the best outpatient rehab available in California, Passages distinguishes itself from generic 12-step programs in many different ways. Here is how Passages is the best outpatient rehab program compared to 12-step models and other conventional forms of rehabilitation.


Passages adopts a philosophy of self-empowerment and self-determination where addiction is not a disease. Clients are shown different ways of coping with addiction and they are encouraged to develop their own goals. Following a day-to-day schedule is a great way to make sure progress is made and temptation is kept at bay.

12-step programs, on the other hand, encourage clients to confess weakness instead of strength and profess that their addiction is a form of sickness. Clients are routinely disempowered and often assigned a partner to help share the responsibility of being sober. Therefore, clients are discouraged from thinking they can make rational decisions on their own without the help or approval of a higher power.


Passages has fully-trained and certified addiction specialists who work together as a team to share information and develop individual treatment programs for each client. Therapists, counselors, physicians, doctors, nurses and other experts converge to give the best outpatient rehab possible.

12-step programs tend to rely on relatively inexperienced volunteers who do not require medical training or certification to participate and take charge. Life advice is not given by a therapist or counselor, but rather from a series of generic “steps” that must be completed in sequential order for each and every person.

Therapy Sessions

Passages utilizes a full-bodied approach when it comes to therapeutic settings. Individual one-on-one sessions are usually the norm, though Passages will sometimes include the family or other people in group settings when necessary. Again, these sessions are led by a trained professional.

12-step programs primarily focus on large group meetings which can be overcrowded and sometimes embarrassing. Clients usually do not receive one-on-one therapy sessions with any sort of therapist or counselor at all during any part of the overall process. 12-step programs are also not typically equipped to diagnose or accommodate mental illness.

Why is Passages the Best Outpatient Rehab?

  • Professionalism – Clients are treated with dignity and respect. They are made to feel good about themselves and what they can accomplish in the future.
  • Luxury – Each outpatient center has high-end amenities designed to deeply relax and destress you while you learn.
  • Convenience – Scheduling revolves around your daily life and activities so as to never interfere with an important life event.


Ready for the Best Outpatient Rehab in California?

Then you’re ready for Passages. Please contact our Admissions Department today to learn how Passages can help you seek permanent sobriety on your own terms and schedule. Passages offers the best outpatient rehab available . . . and we are prepared to make a successful, productive and (most importantly) happy person out of you, so call today!