Passages Outpatient Philosophy

Passages is guided by a leading philosophy that separates us from almost every other form of drug and alcohol rehabilitation in existence. We are not a 12-step program that relies on volunteers and large, anonymous group therapy sessions. Instead, Passages employs licensed professionals who are ready to provide a safe detox and fully heal clients in mind, body and spirit.

Each client is assigned their own personal team of addiction specialists ranging from doctors, nurses and physicians to counselors, therapists and other certified professionals with a track record of positive results. This Treatment Team develops a Treatment Program with your specific goals and needs in mind. Instead of group therapy, 65 hours of weekly one-on-one sessions are normally administered.

Above all else, Passages will never demean you with disparaging remarks about being an “addict” with a “disease”. At Passages, we believe that clients must ultimately empower themselves through positivity, good nutrition, relaxation, and guided self-reflection. Whereas 12-step programs force people to admit that they are weak and even helpless, Passages elicits the exact opposite response.

When you are ready for a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program that will make you feel excellent instead of ashamed, then call Passages today.

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What Causes Drug and Alcohol Addiction?

Drug and alcohol addiction is a complicated issue with many different physical and psychological components involved. Even though the story behind every addiction is different and no two addictions are alike, the same logic does not apply to the reasons behind addiction itself.

One of the core missions of Passages outpatient rehabilitation is giving clients the ability to better understand themselves and what led them to addiction. Passages has helped thousands of clients resolve themselves of drug and alcohol addiction, and we’ve come to find that all addictions stem from one or more of the following causation: