The History of Passages

The Passages lineage was first established in 2001 with Passages Malibu in Southern California. Its success was soon replicated with numerous other luxury rehabilitation facilities in Ventura, Venice, Beverlywood, and many other great California locations. Nearly twenty years later, Passages continues to attract a worldwide audience with its one-of-a-kind holistic Treatment Program that’s truly unlike anywhere else.

As co-founders of Passages Malibu, Pax Prentiss and his father Chris are privileged to have helped thousands upon thousands of clients permanently rid themselves of drug and alcohol addictions. Pax has gone on to raise a family of his own (and Chris couldn’t be prouder of his wonderful grandchildren). However, prior to their many successes, Pax was worried that he would not have any semblance of a thriving future.

Pax was unfortunately addicted to drugs and alcohol for ten long years. Alcohol and marijuana soon gave way to cocaine, prescription drugs and eventually heroin. By the time Pax was able to admit to his father that he was addicted, he was already in the hospital and completely isolated. Pax had lied, stolen, and defrauded himself into a very dark and difficult situation.

Chris stuck by his son and knew that Pax truly wanted to steer away from drugs and alcohol, so he enrolled Pax in the most prestigious treatments available. However, it didn’t matter if Pax was in a 12-step program or a hospital emergency room, the situation was almost the same: he would follow instructions, start feel poorly about himself after a while, and relapse to escape his own emotions.

Chris and Pax soon figured out that it was the treatments that were causing Pax to relapse. Again and again Pax was being told that he was a diseased addict who was helpless to drugs and alcohol. He was told that he was weak and needed to surrender to a higher power or fail. Pax simply wanted to feel better about himself, but these programs were making him feel worse.

Chris pulled Pax out of conventional treatments and began to do some research of his own. The two of them were eventually able to figure out a method that allowed Pax to deeply reflect on himself and seek the underlying causes behind his addiction. Pax was able to resolve his inner-turmoil; without using any chemicals, he developed a new purpose in life besides abusing drugs and alcohol and followed through.

Passages implements a similar system with many of the same things that helped Pax overcome his drug and alcohol addiction. At Passages, a Treatment Team consisting of doctors, physicians, nurses, counselors, therapists and other specialists converge to formulate a customized Treatment Plan that’s centered around the client’s needs (both immediate and long-term). When you are ready to end a drug and alcohol addiction in a way that makes you feel good about being alive, then call Passages today; luxury inpatient and outpatient care is available at one of our many great Southern California locations.